How do you know when your cuttings have failed?

roseradeMay 23, 2008

Hi all,

I just recently started to try my hand at propagating, and just wanted to know how you can tell if your clippings are doing well? I tried out a few different ways and for some I stripped off all the leave and for other I left a branch on, etc... and for a while it looked like things were going ok but now it looks like the ones with leaves are starting to yellow. The yellowing process actually stopped though halfway through so now Im kinda at a loss to whats happening. The ones without leaves I have no clue if they are growing or not.

Basically what are the main things to look for in clippings when trying to figure out if they are doing ok, or if I should just trash them all and try again? All the guides I read pretty much jump from how to plant straight to "when your cuttings are ready to be moved" and leave out that whole section about them growing O_o...

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triple_b(BC 5b)

the leaves can do what they want. They will often drop off. The harbinger of death to the cuttings is brown cane. Are you using the baggie method? Exactly how are you set up?

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debbysunshine(san diego)

Propagating is a sit around and wait sort of thing but if you give the branch a slight tug and it doesn't come out of the dirt easily I just leave it. I have cuttings in my garden right now that were placed at the same time and one is growing new leaves everday and is nice and green. but the other four are almost all brown but the branches are nice and firm without wrinkles and they are very tight in the ground. Just remember till there are roots which takes a long time they won't be needing any fertilizer. I still can only get cuttings to grow with a mixture of cactus supersoil and regular supersoil potting mix. Didn't have any cactus mix left and those cuttings just in potting soil and perlite aren't doing as well and yet one where it was a nice branch with four nice arms a perfect purchased rose and still; a cutting is still sitting there green after a couple of weeks. So you see that propigating is a matter of trial and error..

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Thanks everyone! Im pretty much trying out a few different ways of setting them up. I have a few just in a bare pot... 2 under a clear soda bottle and then a few in a big tupperware container. Yeh i was just getting worried since the one in the bottle was already sprouting new growth while the ones in the "mini greenhouse" were all turning yellow... unfortunately one of the ones in the greenhouse is starting to dry up and starting to turn brown =(... Im real excited about the one with new growth, but sad about the one im loosing... def a trial and error thing.

Thanks again for all the info!

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what if the cane is turning brown but the base has lots of great roots coming off of it? Right now it is in perlite w/peat moss with a cut off soda bottle on top. Should I take that can and move it to a pot of dirt? The roots are white and very healthy looking.. it's the cane that looks lousy.

Any suggestions?
thanks, gbebeh

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