Overwintering rooted cuttings

paintergurlMay 1, 2006

Does anyone have advice on overwintering small rooted cuttings? The ones I planted in the ground in later summer perished over the winter. Is it better to keep them potted up and in a cold frame over the winter? Or better to keep them growing inside under lights? I don't have a greenhouse, so any helpful hints as to helping these babies make it past their first winter would be appreciated!!



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elks(US5 Can6)

Were they under bottles? Was there any mulch covering them?

I have had nearly 100% success through winter, except with the yellows, which seem to be more tender.

They do better if repotted through the previous summer into larger pots as they progress.


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cold unheated garage worked better for me. they never froze...just stayed dormant

the ones under lights needed more work over the winter..air was too dry, they wouldnt fit under the bottles anymore etc

if you have decent roots...try the cold frame or garage

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Mine did just fine with jars over them through the winter.Make sure there is a LOT of mulch over and around the jars.

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Fantin_Latour(z7 OR)

Cold and wet is lethal here. We are warm enough that we leave the late summer/fall crop outside in a cold house where they get plenty of sun and are protected from wind and rain. Hand watering requires attention to who needs it.

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mgleason56(Michigan 5b)

I overwintered about 400 rooted cuttings this past year by burying the roses in mulched leaves. I surrounded the roses with a 10 X 10 wood frame (2 ft high) I made, with insulation on the inside, and 3/4" plywood on the outside. Guess what? About 10% made it. The rest? Eaten by voles, mice, etc. I propbably helped increase the population of rodents by 200% by trying this. I have no idea what i am going to do this winter, but it will have to be better than last!
fantin - Canadian Sunset I got last week is absolutely stunning!

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elks(US5 Can6)

That's too bad, but you had the right idea. If you had left two litre pop bottles over top them each, they all would have been fine. Next time,

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mgleason56(Michigan 5b)

Not sure I understand. I had 400 rooted cuttings in 6X6 square pots. Eight (8) of these pots fit into a tray. These were then placed 5 rows deep, 10 length.
I am not sure how I would fit two liter bottles over these. Would Mason jars work? Please explain your process.

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elks(US5 Can6)

Mason jars would work fine if the cuttings haven't grown and still fit them.

I cut the bottom of pop bottles off with a hacksaw or a big pair of scissors. These have the advantage of my being able to control the humidity somewhat. (One spring I lost most of my rooted cuttings to mildew because I hadn't taken off the bottle caps.) I walk through the neighbourhood (O, a Canadian) on recycling day a pick up the bottles I find.


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mgleason56(Michigan 5b)

Where in Canada are you located?

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elks(US5 Can6)

London, Ontario, half way between Detroit and Toronto or, if you prefer, Buffalo.

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mgleason56(Michigan 5b)

No, actually I prefer London. Been there quite a few times for concerts (Canadian bands that do not appear in Detroit). My grandparents lived in St. Marys for years before moving to Port Huron area.

Now back to over-wintering; What size pots are you placing the 2 litre bottles over? I am thinking I should use wood chips instead of mulched leaves this winter. The leaves were absolutely water logged, and I am wondering if that might have contributed to my vole/mice problem I already have rooted cuttings (started my first batch 5-6) so I really want to have this planned out for this fall.

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elks(US5 Can6)


I have been using 6" pots because the cuttings are usually too long to comfortably fit into a 4" pot.

Oak leaves are the preferred ones because they don't break down over winter. (My next door neighbour [There's that funnily spelt word again] tried to fold oak leaves into his soil one year, and they hadn't broken down by the next.), but the bottles will protect the cuttings from any nibbling from critters (Those I uncovered rather too early one year became breakfast for bunnies, and unfortunately, my wife is rather fond of the furry creatures, while all I see is dinner.), and the oak leaves won't matt.

I have noticed on a number of other posts that many have trouble getting their cuttings through winter outside. My success may be partially because the cuttings, and their coat of leaf mulch, are on the north side of the house against a basement wall that is without insullation; therefore, the cuttings never get too cold, but I am surmising.

I hope if you ever frequent London for another concert that you swing on by for a wee (Scottish) visit.

I also hope that those who frequent this forum often won't mind another link to the article I wrote.


Here is a link that might be useful: Growing & Overwintering Cuttings

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