Propagate roses while on vacation?

jbrickmMay 12, 2010

I'm going to be out of country for 4 weeks and want to ensure that I take some cuttings and set them up so that they can root while I'm out.

The plants I'd like to propagate are - "Peace rose", Double Delight and Blue Girl. This is just for personal use not commercial.

Without having to buy a cloning set up for several hundred dollars, what propagation techniques can I use to ensure that my cuttings take root while I'm away?

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You can try propagating it with perlite or vermiculite. Or you can go with a 50-50% blend of potting soil and perlite, they say that this combination is the most successful in rooting rose cuttings because it is a very light blend that encourages the roots to grow quickly. While some use blends of sand or vermiculite and gain a considerable success with.

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Above advice is real good, keep in mind that they need humidity while they are trying to develop a root system. If you don't have someone to lightly spray the cuttings, try setting the containers with the cuttings in a tray with pebbles and water. also dipping the cuttings in a rooting hormone is a good idea, hope this will help you, it'
s so hard to go away when we try to garden!

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