Tree Rose broke

nanaboMay 31, 2009

A friend of mine received a tree rose as a present and recent heavy rains and high winds broke it off about 1 ft off the ground. She brought the top of it to my husband and he stuck it in our water fountain until we could find out what to do with it. PLEASE can someone help up? The roots are still intact and what is left of the trunk is still in the ground. What do we do to the trunk? I understand it takes years to grow these tree roses. Can we do anything with the top? My neighbor doesn't know anything about it except it is pink!!

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kstrong(10 So Cal)

I think it's a goner. I have been successful putting tree roses bent over by wind back up, but you need at least one side of the rose to be still attached to the base. If that happens, then you just wind the whole thing with stretchy landscape tape and it grows back together like a graft. I'm afraid, however, that yours is completely apart, and while you could try to "graft" it back together with tape (after taking almost all the top foliage off) that your chances would be less than 10%.


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Sorry, I think you are out of luck. Nothing to do but replace it.

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Thank you. I was afraid it was a goner. Will something still come up from the base that is left in the ground?
I did take cuttings where the roses have just died off. I have had luck in the past with cuttings in the fall but I have never gotten the cuttings to 'stick' in the spring. I just use my grandmother's mason jar method and succeeded in getting enough for myself and my sister in law.
The tree rose was a very sentimental rose for my friend. She received it at the death of one of her young students and she is heart broken. I would like to be able to save something from it.

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I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS??? I put the trunk of the rose tree in our fountain after I cut off all the top branches, and clean cut the trunk at a slant. It has been laying in the fountain since the day it broke off. It has begun to root and it has grown a large bush of new leaves on it, about the size of a large cantalope!! What do I do now. I am afraid to touch it. I have been reading about the Hormex rooting powder. Should I try that now? What number do I use? Is it Hormex #1? PLEASE if anyone can help me, please reply. I will gladly send pictures of it to anyone who wants to see it. I don't know how to add pics to this post.

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mine did the same this week were you able to save yours i dont have a fountain haha but i can put it in a bucket of water. if yours was able to be saved can you give me full instructions thanks shawn

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If it has grown roots you can plant it and probably be successful. If it is only growing foliage it will probably die when the stored energy is used up. The part left in the ground may put out new buds on the remaining stem, but the bud was at the top of the stem, and the interstem which is what you have left is probably not going to produce a plant you would like. If it lives though you can rebud it to the rose of your choice. Al

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