Is it time for a Fall crop of peas?

catnohat(5)August 6, 2013

I want to do a fall crop of peas, carrots, and spinach this year. I'm not quite sure when to plant. It is maybe too hot still? I'm in Brighton, just NE of Denver.
Any advice?

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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

Carrots can go in now. Spinach is a maybe though I usually plant it in September and it has always overwintered for me without mulch. Generally I just let the late spinach planting alone and wait until spring to start harvesting. I did plant a short row of spinach the other day that I might transfer to a coldframe in October.

Never had much luck with fall peas but I think now would be a good time. You might look for a spot that gets some afternoon shade.

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I imagine that the peas I planted a week ago are up today, Cat'.

I was out there and forgot to look. I'll check tomorrow and may post a picture.

The last week of July has been my time to plant snow peas these last several years. I always get a few pods but the vines will slow to a stop if it begins to freeze. A twice-a-week frost in September will just put them in suspended animation. Still, I always have a few pods to enjoy and will harvest the tendrils with their flowers for salad or stir-fry.

I know that the bok choy has sprouted in the same bed with the peas. I will be moving those and they really are my best fall crop. If you like turnip greens, you might want to try those also. All one family - turnips and bok choy.


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I'd have to do a real closeup for you to see the peas, Cat'! They are just coming up (and still have that green "fingernail paring" look ;o). Oh, and the tiny green plants there in the middle -- those are the bok choy. I'll get them spread out in the garden when they can be moved. I doubt if under the peas will be a good location for any of them.

This is the first time I've built a little trellis for the fall peas. I'll have to get some string on it. They hardly grow tall enuf for a trellis.

This was my potato bed. I'm about half way down it in my harvesting. As I dig the potatoes, I bury "compostables" behind me. That is what these things are growing on! There's about 8" of soil on top of green material. I don't remember planting the peas on the re-purposed potato bed but the bok choy does just fine in this kind of setting.

The soil will have to settle a little more and the dirt (& rocks) in the path on either side can be used for leveling.


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So I did get 3 rows of peas out August 7th I think it was. They are already poking their little heads up! I hope they grow fast and I get a fall crop!

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We planted peas and beans on 7/27 and they are both coming up. I heard that's too early, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be afraid of - if something goes crazy, I can always plant more seeds, right?

We planted more beets this week.

Soon I will put in a batch of fall spinach and maybe some lettuce. We'll have room after we eat more of the gorgeous beets that we planted 3/31. We had leaf miners briefly bothering our spinach, beets and chard during spring and earlier this summer but they seem to be done.

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GLiz, I suspect you will find your 7/27 peas just about right.

This is what Territorial Seed Co. says about Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas (what I'm usually sowing at that same time: "70 days spring sown. 250 days fall sown." Okay, they are in mild, maritime Oregon. I can't even get Austrian Winter peas to survive but anyway . . .

What is happening in Boulder 70 days from 7/27? By the way, that would be October 5th . . . That would be just past the average 1st frost date for my garden. 7/27 is too early? I don't think so.


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