Yet another way to propagate roses

john_ca(CA US9/SSZ14)May 28, 2013

Around a month ago, we were digging out some own-root roses to move to a more appropriate site. We dug out as many roots as we could, but apparently left a few in the ground. Some of the roots that were perhaps 1/4 inch in diameter, had begun to sprout shoots that are now growing into plants. We have removed a few more of the roots and put them into 1 gallon pots filled with good potting soil and they are all putting out shoots. This is a quick and very easy way to produce new plants from own-root roses. Obviously, this will not work on grafted plants.

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sounds like you inadvertently took root cuttings!

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That is so awesome!

So far I have a zero success rate at taking cuttings... but I have two in the works right now ... maybe I'll have some luck with them!

but that sounds so cool... I'm afraid to try though with my track record!

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