Fall Swap 2013- When and Where

catnohat(5)August 18, 2013

Do we have a volunteer to host?

When works for everyone?

Just thought to get the conversation going!

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b2alicia(zone 5 Westminster)

I will happily volunteer!

I live in Westminster, near 92nd and Wadsworth, not far from Carrabba's restaurant.
I have a fairly big back yard, plenty of room for a pot luck, and plenty of room for swapping baby plants. Parking should not be a problem.

However, my standard poodle Percy will be here.
He is very sweet and well-behaved, he doesn't jump on people, and he will not try to take your food out of your plate. :) Once everyone arrives, though, I can keep him leashed up by me, or put him in his crate if necessary. But if there are enough people with dog issues, I will certainly understand if another location is chosen.

As for dates, how does the last Saturday in September sound? the 28th?

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Thanks for starting this thread, Cat!

If you wind up having it, B2, it'll be the closest it's ever been to me! (Well, except when I had it here!) And if it's the 28th, I'll be back from my trippin' and I'll be there! Won't have a whole lot this time like in the past since I won't be here to be starting stuff, but I'll find things to bring! If that date doesn't work for some, I should be able to make it the weekend before, or any weekend after that date. Will have internet most of the time while I'm out of town, so will be checking in now and then to see what's up!

Looking forward to it,

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b2alicia(zone 5 Westminster)

Great, Skybird!
9/21/13 does not work for me.

10/13/13 work fine.

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Those three dates work for me, too, B2. Would be so nice to have it so close by, and I could give you a hand doing set up since you are so close if you need it.


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treebarb Z5 Denver


Thank you so much for hosting! I can make any of those dates. My preference would be 9/28 as weather gets a little more iffy as we get into October, but I'll go along with the majority.

If you think you'll need tables, chairs, anything at all, let us know. I look froward to meeting your dog!

Nice going, Cat!


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popmama Zone 5

Hey b2alicia! Thanks so much for volunteering to host. That is very kind. I can make 9/28 if you decide on that date.

I'm not sure what I have to swap, but maybe I can make up some hostas for others.

I just dug out a patch of grass in my yard so I'm looking for some new plants.

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b2alicia(zone 5 Westminster)

Thanks Marj! I'm sure I will need a hand doing set up on that day.

Barb, I've been thinking about offering for a while, and I'm glad this time it will work. That's a good point about the weather getting iffy later on in October, but any of those dates will be fine. I'd say my 1st choice is 9/28, 2nd choice is 10/5, etc.
I have one long folding table, one card table, and one patio table. So I'm guessing 4-5 more long folding tables? And altogether I have 14 chairs, but depending on how many people can come, will probably need folding chairs as well.

Barb, I took Percy with me to work with me yesterday for a while. :) He loves to visit, and he just eats it up when people tell him what a good boy he is! I've told him about the plant swap and he can't wait.

Hi pop! That sounds like a good day to me too. I need to take a new photo of your hostas... the one on the right is blooming! And the other are hanging in there too!

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9/28 works for me, but is there any way we could do early in the day such as 11:00am or later in the evening such as 5:00pm? That way I won't have to take the whole day off work, as I have taken a lot of time off lately!


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b2alicia(zone 5 Westminster)

Hi Cat!

I certainly understand about not wanting to miss work!

My back yard faces east, and I don't have much shade, so I think the morning would be a little harder for me, and the afternoon would be a little easier...

However, if most people don't mind being in the sun, I'll go along with the majority. Maybe a few helpers could arrive at 10:00 am for set-up, to put up tables, etc.

My concerns about a 5:00 pm gathering would be for folks who come a long way, who have plans for that evening.

How about a slight compromise? I'm guessing that the main thing you'd want to see is the swap itself, right? which is usually the last thing, right?

How about planning on a casual start time around 3:30pm, people gradually arriving between then and 4:00pm. Pot luck between 4 and 5, then starting the actual swap when you arrive.

I feel pretty sure that, since this is such a nice group, everyone would be agreeable to waiting for you... especially since you are the one who got the thread going! Would that work for you?

How does that sound for everyone? We do want to make it work for the most people possible.

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b2alicia(zone 5 Westminster)

A friend of mine pointed out that I was being silly. (Imagine that!)
By the end of September, the sun won't be as bright, it won't be right overhead, and it won't be as hot. I was thinking in terms of NOW. So 11:00 am would be just fine for me , if it also works out for everyone else.

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Ya know 5:00 or 11:00 is fine with me. Whatever works for the most.

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

My vote is for 11. And maybe we could tighten up the potluck so it's more like half hour, so we can get to the swap sooner. Then those that can/want to can stay a bit later (if that's ok with the hostess!) to continue chit chatting, or eating :).

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I probably can't get there before 12:30 or 1 on 9/28. Eek! So holding it earlier than usual is not going to work for me unless I can rework my other commitment. I don't want to miss the plant swap! So here's a "no" vote for tightening up the potluck to get to the swap earlier.

Sorry about being difficult!

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gardenfiend(Z 5 Co.)

Whatever day & time ya'll choose works for me. The swap will be my top priority. I think I missed the last couple of yrs. I don't want to miss this one. I lost all of my beautiful plants to the squirrels & the frost so I need any plants I can get. I Can hardly wait. I may be able to bring a few folding chairs.

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Earlier is better for me, and I suspect will be for those of us who are on the southern end of Denver or down in the Springs area.
I love the swaps but they can really get long. I'm with Marj on the 11ish and a tighter potluck.
I'm sure we'll have as many opinions as attendees, but I know we'll make it work. :)

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