Optimum time to take a cutting?

francie12(5 SE Iowa)May 24, 2007

To my delight, I've just discovered three different OGRs (I think they're OGRs... I'll post their pics to try to identify when I can figure out how to do it) in an obscure corner of our school courtyard. My plan is to take cuttings and try to root them, but I'd like to do it at the most optimum time for success. I believe I read somewhere that canes that have already bloomed are the best bet. The things are about to explode into bloom, so I'm trying to be patient. At what stage are the chances of success the best?

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rosyone(z8 north Louisiana)

I usually select cuttings from stems with blooms that have recently pasted their prime, a little bit earlier than I would otherwise dead head the spent blooms. The absolute optimal time is after the bud shows color, before it opens, but few roses are so difficult to root (with good technique) that you really need to sacrifice the bloom before it can be enjoyed.

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Where do I find "good technique" to root roses?
Thanks - Jim

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rosyone(z8 north Louisiana)

Jim, you find "good technique" through research and experimentation. Most people start with someone else's proven, but not exhaustively explained method and then have to tweak it and ask questions to fill in the details and fit local conditions. Few manage a high success rate on the first try.

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francie12(5 SE Iowa)

Thanks for the input, Rosyone.

Jim--I found a section entitled "How to Take Cuttings" in th Antique Rose Emporium catalog. It has several methods from which to choose, all of them, deceptively I'll bet, easy to do! I will experiment and then post with the results. Good luck!

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