Do I need to mist?

cymraes(8)May 21, 2006

I just started my first cuttings. They are in coir with pop bottles on. There is condensation in the bottles, but should I still mist daily? They are outside on the North side of my house. How do I know when to water? Thanks!!

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The whole idea of using the bottles is to eliminate the misting . If there is condensation on the inside, they are o.k. If you spray anything , use a fungicide. When I water, I spray the bottles also and the water runs down the side and into the pots keeping the soil moist but not watering the leaves. After three or four weeks you can take the caps off and watch that there is still water on the inside of the bottle. This is the best method I have tried yet.

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Thanks, I have read so many articles on this, it was all becoming a jumble in my head! They still look good, with condensation on the bottles. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.

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