propagating roses in a greenhouse

oberciMay 23, 2014

So the Mr graciously purchased a beautiful glass greenhouse for me for mother's day, but being a new gardener, I'm not entirely sure how to use it! It is the 6' x 4' Palram Harmony greenhouse from costco if anyone is curious to look it up and maybe give some feedback.

I started my first 3 rose cuttings 3-4 weeks ago. They are in individual plastic pots, in a fast draining cactus potting mix (I can go find the bag and list the exact one if anyone is curious), were wet thoroughly, and then I covered the cutting and the container with a gallon sized ziplock bag. I put them on the east side of the house underneath my potting bench and basically left them alone although I did check often to make sure the soil was still damp.

They are all green and look quite happy. One however lost a few of its leaves because they were touching the plastic bag covering it, so the leaves got moldy and fell off. None have put out new growth yet.

Back to the GREENHOUSE: Is it a good idea to set up the glass greenhouse on the east side of the house so it only gets morning sun? If I transfer the rose cuttings to the greenhouse can I remove the plastic bags covering them? Is it possible to use glass bell jars to cover cuttings instead of bags (I don't have many but I do have a few large ones).

Thanks to anyone who can help out this novice!

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seil zone 6b MI

I only have a small portable vinyl greenhouse but I do keep my cuttings in there. I do not cover them with anything because it's always warmer and more humid inside the greenhouse than outside. That's the purpose of the baggies, to create a greenhouse affect. So I would think they'd be unnecessary if they're already IN a greenhouse. I'd be afraid that in a glass greenhouse with glass bell jars there would be a chance that the cuttings would cook inside. Even in just morning sun all that glass will act like a magnifying glass.

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I goofed up when I first posted, as hubby informed me that the greenhouse is not glass but polycarbonate.

As far as the cutting go, how long do I have to keep the soil evenly moist ?

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Since I usually may not see how the root is growing or forming, I keep the soil moist until I see new growth from new leaves.

At that point, I still may keep it in shade until it has a few well-developed leaves, then I'll start the process to harden it off if I'm keeping it in that pot. If not, then I may wait a little longer for a well-formed root-ball (based on leaf growth), then transplant it out of its pot to a new location.

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You might want to check out the Greenhouse forum. Lots of good information there. I start my rose cuttings in a homemade hydroponic set up inside the shed (see Hydroponics forum). Once they have roots I transfer them to pots and then move them to the greenhouse in winter. I have tried ALL the rooting methods and that one works best for me.

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