The Hottest Chili Pepper Is NOT the Ghost Chili!

zippy37(Z6 IL)November 26, 2011

As of April 2011, The 'Ghost' Chili (Bhut jolokia) was supassed by the following Hot Peppers;

PLANT....................SCOVILLE RATING

'Ghost' Chili..............1,041,427

'Infinity' Chili.............1,067,286(2/2011)

Naga 'Viper' Chili.....1,359,000

Trinidad 'Scorpion'....1,463,700(4/2011) WORLD'S HOTTEST!

P.S. Is there ANYONE out there that has or tried the Trinidad 'Scorpion'?


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I have not as of yet. I did purchase Butch T strain Trinidad Scorpion seeds though. I'll be growing them this year. I got the seeds from She has a lot of unique superhots. I've grown the ghost, and last year grew a naga morich/ bhut jolokia cross and it was fantastic. Looking forward to this years crop.

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How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

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there are lots of people out there who have tried the trinidad scorpions (it's actually the "butch t" strain of scorpion that tested out so highly)

i have grown scorpions for 3 years now and grew 100 plants this year (not butch t- have seed for that for next year)- they are bitterly hot.

i think the trinidad douglah is the hottest pepper i have grown to date- bhut jolokia and trinidad scorpion included.

imo the superhots from india (joliokia's, naga's. etc) taste better than the ones from trinidad however, even if some of the trinidad's are hotter.

infinity and naga viper were unstabilized by the way so don't really count in some folks opinions, mine included.

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I like the taste of 7 pots better than Bhuts or most super hots myself.

Been growing superhots since 2005 or 2006.
Bhuts,Bih,Naga,7 Pot and Scorpions along with a lot of crosses.

Any time someone advertises something as worlds hottest they really mean $.50+ a seeds +s+h.

Unstable, new varieties are even higher priced and hawked as even hotter than---"pick your poison"---.

Whenever some grower gets an odd shaped pod it's advertised as a "rare" strain of whatever,hotter than anything else.
I think most of the time the grower doesn't even know for sure if the seed they used was pure from either plant they used to make their hybrid so their hybrid might just be 1 of the plants self pollinating itself and comming out with what they think is the result of them crossing 2 plants.

They do a video of some idiot dying or badly acting like they are dying and sell seeds for tons of money as long as they can get away with it.

Don't worry though,you'll almost never get the same cross from your seeds most of the time.
It's not the same as what the guy grew.
Their seeds were unstable and put out a ton of variations of the crossed plants that were used to make the plant they are hawking.
You'll get burned but not neccesarily from the peppers heat. LOL

Then again,you might get your own wierd/nasty looking cross that you can sell and get on the seed gravey train too...might pay for your potting soil until sales die out.

So many Peppers,so little growing space...

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The only reason for growing super hots for most people is bragging rights. It is nearly impossible to eat them. The best I've been able to do is make some wicked hot sauce from my Bhut's. Other than that, just cleaning out the seed to grow more plants is taking your life in your hands.


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i have no problem using superhots... just gotta do it a little at a time...

the baker lady who sets up next to me at the farmer's market makes ghost pepper chocolate chip cookies that are awesome.

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I grew the BT strain in 08. It's very hot but for me after a certain point they are just very hot and I can't judge relative heat

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cmpman1974(Zone 6 MI)

The legendary Trinidad Scorpion Butch T. lol. :)


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What, the Bhut isn't the hottest pepper. Where have I been?

Just kidding.But I do agree with Smoke. The 7 pots/pods are much tastier. And they can be just as hot. Take for instance the 7 pot brainstrain.

I would put it up against any super other than the Douglah. Just my 2 bits!

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My opinion is that anything over 1 million scoville's is HOT Enough! Sure you can taste some flavor for about 10 seconds of the various flavors of different pods. But once the pain sets in, its all the same.

I grew some chocolate bhuts from seed this year that a friend gave me. Some of the plants turned out to be chocolate bhuts and others turned out to be red/orange bhuts. Both of them were DAMN! HOT! I saved seeds from both the chocolate and the red/orange ones and will see what they produce next year. I didnt do anything to isolate any blooms so its anyone's guess what next season will bring ;)

I froze some of em, and i dried and ground some into powder. I like spicy hot foods, so i use them quite often to zing things up.

We all know that their are tons of different superhot peppers out there. As far as which pepper is the hottest debate, i agree with smokemaster that its a tool for seed sellers to try to make a quick buck.

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biscgolf get me that recipe

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I also have been interested in
But could not find where I can buy it.
What you say, this store looks credible - Ghost Chili


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I use superhots all the time, and appreciate the differences in flavor. The trick is not to eat them whole, that is just foolery. I love them in sauces for one. The heat from a superhot in a spaghetti sauce or chili is delightfully warm on the back of the throat, without burning the tongue unlike chilis similar to cayenne, which tend to burn the tip of your tongue which is less pleasant to experience. I also cut up superhots to use in rings to add to burgers, salads and bloody caesars. Then there's the hot sauces you can make, where you only use a few drops. Luckily, most of these peppers also have the flavor strength to match the heat, so even if you use a few drops, you still get that wonderful chinense flavor.

And then of course, there's the fun of of having two tough guys square off on eating whole superhot peppers... not for me thanks.

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I make a delightful vodka infusion I lovingly refer to as "Satan's Piss" due to it's intense heat and natural yellow color. Just take 1-3 bhuts (depending on your level of insanity) and put them in one bottle's worth of vodka. Reseal, put in dark cabinet for 6 months.

When it comes out, the peppers are blanched white, the vodka is yellow (more peppers = darker yellow), and its wonderful to dare someone to do a single shot of. =)

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