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hdchan(z5 IN)May 5, 2006

Hi all,

Okay, after noticing that some people use table top greenhouses, this is what I have done... stuck callused cuttings in clear cups of seed starting soil, sealed them in baggies, and stuck them in the greenhouse. After a month, I have more foilage than I have ever gotten in previous attempts. I have the next several days off, and plan on hardening them off out of their baggies, but plan on keeping them in the greenhouse for a while longer. Like someone said before, I'm just going to try to hold my mouth right and see how it goes...

A few of the cuttings... their leaves are looking a bit wilted and puny... should their be cause for alarm for this? The stems are still green and healthy. Should I leave them in their baggies for a bit longer?

When I remove them from their baggies and return them to the greenhouse, should I spray them with a weak fertilizer or peroxide/water mix? The greenhouse is on the north side of the house. Should I be concerned about moss growth?

Thanks for any help!


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hdchan(z5 IN)

Okay following up...

I went out late this afternoon and EEK... found the sun hitting my little greenhouse.... guess that answers my question about the wilting leaves... they are being BAKED!!!

I went ahead and pulled them out of their little baggies for a few hours, but kept them in the greenhouse, which steamed up pretty nice :)

I replaced them in their baggies for night, and will probably keep them in there for a while longer, since the discovery of the baking. I will move them to a more shaded area and give them a few more days before trying to harden them off again.


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