Habanero? or some kinda cross?

AntonioooNovember 10, 2012

Got ahold of these.. but they were advertised as both mini sweet pepper and habanero.. i bit into one.. and green one had mild heat.. orange one first bite had no heat but next bite did.. like intermittent spots of heat?? and they smell sweet???

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They look a bit strange for Habs but not too bad. If you eat the white stuff inside the pepper, it will be lots hotter than the actual pepper flesh. That might be the difference.
But unless you are a "hot pepper eater", the habanero would probably be more than you can handle. Even the flesh.

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hehe.. it was spicy though.. definitely not that hot. a jalape�o is definitely hotter.. maybe it COULD be a aji dulce from venezuela? i have heard they ahve spice??

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