When Is A Good Time To Take Cuttings To Root?

linlily(z5/6PA)May 6, 2009

I need to send some rose cuttings to someone to fulfill a trade. When would be the best time to take these cuttings to ensure that the person rooting them would have the best chance at success? The roses I'm sending cuttings from are Red Knockout, and some Rugosa Roses. I think this person is a newbie on rooting rose cuttings. Any advice you could give me and her would be appreciated. Thanks,


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Cuttings are best taken immediately after the blooms fade. Use only this current year's growth and cut it off as close to the parent cane as possible.

FYI the 'Knockout' roses are all patented and it is illegal to trade cuttings or to propagate them. Sorry :-(

Here is a link that might be useful: How to propagate roses

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I'll contact the person who was asking for the trade and tell her that she is asking for something illegal.

I don't know if the Rugosas are patented. I'll have to look them up and see if I can find out. Darned if I know.

Your information was very helpful. Thank you for responding.

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Rugosa is a species rose, not patented. Rugosa hybrids are really old, patent expired. Patent lasts for 20 years. Lots of good roses past their patent to propagate, let the hybridizer get his share, otherwise u are eating ur own babies, no one wants to do that now. best cuttings are semi ripe. u can wait till the bloom has faded, that way u get to enjoy the rose, and use it for a cutting. however, u don't need to wait that long, if u are more interested in propagation, u can use the cane for cuttings as long as it already has a flower bud on it. i've stuck lots of cuttings, for example cut down a whole bush in the fall, use up the whole bush, stick cutting from canes that have flowered, are flowering, and are going to flower. as long as they have a flower bud on them, they are ripe enough to stick.

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Thank you all so much for your advice. My roses all have buds now, and one of the Rugosas is actively blooming. Looks like I'll be able to take cuttings very soon.


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When can I move my peony its crowded?

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