Bar soap to keep pests out of the garden ?

debbysunshine(san diego)May 9, 2008

Bought Irish Spring and placed bars on clay pots all around the garden. First the bars would move a bit and now you should see the rat on my patio just eating away at that bar. Thought the smell was supposed to keep the pests out of my garden ? I know some says Coast and some Irish Spring. Have some large very prickly cactus in pots here and there also. What's going to happen when the big animals come around..

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When the deer come around, they'll most likely pick up some Irish Spring and start taking a bath!

I responded to your other post on who is stealing your roses, I made a concoction to keep our deer and rabbits away, so far it works for me. I posted the recipe there. :) Hope it helps!

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johnpeter(10b LongBeachCA)

You don't care for deer fence electrifier?

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Soap and human hair as pest deterrents are popular myths and nothing more. If you are trying to deter Deer, then you need to either fence of the area you wish to protect, or try one of the repellents like Liquid Fence, which works most of the time for the people who use it. I prefer an actual fence for Deer.

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debbysunshine(san diego)

Ever since I used the Irish Spring bars must admit that although my yard has huge Roof Rat and very large birds and crows my roses remain untouched and are growing better than ever..

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debbysunshine(san diego)

Some of my bars of soap are moved by the morning or bit in half and tossed around but if they are only doing this and leaving my garden alone this is great. Last year the middles were eaten out of my fruit and just the shells were left. So I used the soap here too this year which was moved by some creature overnite and chomped up a bit but this is better than losing my plants,

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I live in San Diego also, and have the same problem with mainly two roses (36 of Ingrid Bergman and one Janice Kellogg, and a few others). I have caught both GROUND SQUIRRELS(you know those cute baby ones!) and fruit rats in the act of decapitating fully opened roses, and also defoliating the shrub itself branch by branch, leaf by leaf. Very hungry rabbits will do this also after the spring green stuff dries up and before the next rainy season. Only two things have worked for me, and that is potting up the rose and placing it where there is no bridging stems or foliage-the rodents aforementioned cannot climb(a slippery smooth surface)or jump over approx. 12". I have also cut the bottoms out of +15 gal size nursery pots and inverted them over the plants-it works, not very attractive!! Several of my roses have a small (1" hexagonal chicken wire) cage over them ie Easy Going, Barbra Striesand, and The Mayflower-that works, but buds that stick out still sometimes get decapitated-next year bigger cages. The best thing that worked was a large cat, but this is San Diego, and coyotes really like cats better than rabbits, squirrels,and fruit rats-so, as much as I like the cat, and as well as that worked, I can't bring myself to getting another one just yet. If only I was able to build a tunnel of chicken wire, closed on both ends. I don't like to resort to poisons as our canyon has lots of active hawks and owls(but not enough). With the number of unpicked fruit in the neighborhood, the rats and squirrels are really multiplying. So until the fruit ripens, they will munch on what's available and tasty, and right now that is roses. By the way, raccoons or possums may have eaten your soap, and it just doen't work well for ground squirrels and rats. Jackie

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