Sad looking snowball bush!

catnohat(5)August 15, 2013

I bought this lovely little snowball bush this spring. It steadily declined all summer. Now look at it! What should I do for it? Cut it back? Mulch it? Give it part shade with a lawn chair? Sing it lullabies at night?


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Hi Cat!

I am a total gardening newbie and have no thoughts on how to save your snowball bush, but just wanted to say that I'm in Longmont and have a snowball bush that is going crazy growing everywhere. If yours doesn't make it and you live nearby, you are welcome to have some of mine! I am just starting to learn how to garden so have no idea if this is a bush you can take clippings of, but you are welcome to mine if you can!

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Hey Cat, I have one that looked pretty much like yours the first full year + (2 summers) after I planted it but it's looking much better now. I put mine in unimproved soil, does get watered by drip lines but the soil is probably the poorest in my entire yard, mostly decomposed pine needles with some dust thrown in. Don't give up on yours yet, if mine can come back and bloom, yours can, too!

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