ok.. how do I breed color into a seedling ? :)

mmmgonzo(z7 OR)May 24, 2007

Question for those of you who do your own deliberate parent/pollen crosses:

I have a white rose that gave me many seedlings. All of the blooms so far appear they are going to be white (white parent).

These were all op seedlings.

If I do a cross, is the hopes I cross a colored rose with another colored rose that some of the seedlings would have color to them? Not that white isn't nice, but I am curious.

Are some colors "dominant"? easier to obtain thru deliberate crosses?


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from what i remember from high school genetics. There are dominate and recessive traits in each cell.
so I would get a whole batch of seeds from hybridization and hope they come up with the right thing. because you don't know if you have a DS, a DD, or a RR. D for dominate and R for resissive because DS and DD make the same thing...
so hybridize and grow all the seedlings, and you'll know if you got the right thing by what they look like.
But if you looking for a color, mix two roses that contain at least a little of that color. That might help...

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