How do you use Dip N Grow?

bluegirl_gwMay 23, 2013

I usually use Rhizopan #3, but read so many good comments about DNG.

So what concentration do you use? How long do you let the cuttings sit in it?


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I dilute it with 1 part Dip N Grow and 4 parts water. I dip for 5 seconds.

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For hardwood cuttings in wraps, in the late winter-early spring time frame, I mix it to about a 12.5% concentration (half way between the 10 and 15 indicators on the included beaker) and let them soak for a count of six. (one thousand one, one thousand two, etc.) It's great stuff! You can vary the concentration tremendously and it seems to last forever and remain effective. Kim

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g-in-fl(9a Florida)

I have had Zero luck with Dip N Gro. I think I am using too strong a solution for the size cuttings I have. I've been using 1 part to 5 parts water. Have had zero success. I used to have about 60 - 75% success with powdered Homex (I think it is called). I plan on trying a much weaker solution in the near future. Will report back.

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1 part concentrate to 5 parts water is too strong. I use the concentrate to the indicated line in the plastic vial included in the package then fill it to between the 10 and 15 indicators and it works like a charm. I love how it doesn't gum up like the powders can. I've used it exclusively for several years in the concentrations stated and it hasn't failed me yet. Kim

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Thanks for the responses. I didn't have any luck with it years back but I bet I was using it at too strong a concentration. Have a new bottle to try for this spring's cuttings.

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