Who's tried Hydroponic rooting?

bluegirl_gwMay 23, 2013

Gonna start a run soon. So did you use any nutrients in the water?
Did you root indoors or out?
What ambient temp worked well?
What time of year worked well for you?
What hormone did you use & did you leave it on the cuttings a few minutes before setting them in the cloner?
Did it work well for you & did rooted cuttings thrive after potting up?

Not that I'm curious :-)

I recall a lot of posts re. this method some years back. Folks were using home-made cloners with air pumps bubbling in the water to provide mist on the cutting's bottom stem. There were a lot of favorable posts on how well this method worked on roses.

For the first run, I went ahead & bought a kit. The supplier said that people generally get roots on roses in ~17 days.

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I hope you get a reply to your question would like to know myself. What kit did you get?

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There's a good descriptive web-site with photos for a homemade one here:

But I went with the kit, for starters, pictured here:

mainly because I figured by the time I assembled the kit I would spend nearly that amount on the parts & probably screw it up anyway, until I understood the set-up better.

The kit is well-made & looks ridiculously simple to use. Plan to start it up in the next few days.

I suspect the majority of buyers for the kit are cloning, ehem, *herb* ehem cuttings in a closet under lights, to judge from the discussions & reviews of the kit. The manufacture was very helpful & gave good advice to my questions about rooting softwood ROSE cuttings in the thing.

I wish I could find the old threads, but I recall them as very enthusiastic about both the manufactured kits & homemade ones.

Will get back in a few weeks.

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