does this purple tiger need fertiliser?

guysensei1November 27, 2012

This purple tiger plant has been growing for around a month now.
There are a few small flower buds forming on it.

So, does it require fertiliser of any sort to boost it?

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I would say yes. Not because the plant looks bad but 'cause they all need fertilizer.

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I find using a very weak fert. mix about every time I water works better than full strength at any time.
Make sure you water until some comes out the bottom to wash out any build up.

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Yes, I suggest what smoke and rockguy say. The plant looks good for one month and I wouldn't try to fix something that isn't broke.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

"Weekly Weakly" is a mantra that some of us use....reduced, but frequent doses.
The plant looks quite healthy despite the bad looking soil. Also, toss those eggshells.....
they're doing NOTHING for the plant.


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