Half A Blooming Rose Bush ?

lionessrose(z4b Idaho)June 21, 2008

I have a rose I am curious about.

Wondering what could be going on.

One of my OP seedlings, grown from seed, is blooming odd.

She only blooms on one side of the bush.

Her first year she had no blooms at all.

Last season she had several blooms, but only on one side.

Checked her today and she has several buds on one side of the bush but none on the other.

She is budding/blooming on the same side this season as she did last season.

Any clues ? Is this normal or odd ?

Has me scratching my head ...

The Lioness

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You have what are called blind shoots. No one knows why this happens, and no one knows what is the cure, or how to coax the bush to bloom. Just give it time, and if nothing happens, you may have to shovel prune. Since you have put so much work into this bush, I would still be patient, especially if you like the blooms, and give it another season. Sativa.

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lionessrose(z4b Idaho)

I will keep her, she is one of my babies.
I hope now however with this information, 4 of my
other seedlings don't have this issue. They have yet to
bloom at all.
This too is their 3rd season and not one bud or bloom
to date.
I have been calling them my Morticia Addams roses.
Thank you for the info.
The Lioness

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Cut back the blind canes, as if you were deadheading.
The new growth will probably bloom normally.

Blind growth is not uncommon at all, and there are many different causes for it.


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I would give it another season, then if it is still the same, take some cuttings off of the sides that are blooming. or cut back the blind canes...I'm not quite sure what to say.

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