bugs in me baggies!!

triple_b(BC 5b)June 26, 2007

One bag that has three cuttings going seems to be doing fine, but I notice what looks like fungus gnats or little black fruit flies zooming around in there. I regularly open the bag, try to shoo out as many as possible and then close it and blow in to re-inflate it. Are these little guys going to do any harm? The cuttings have been in there for a good couple weeks now and I have only had to ditch one from that particular bag.Aside from that, one is showing growth in the bud eyes so it is obviously 'doing something'.

Also, another cutting in a different baggie seems to have some stowaway bugs setting up shop. Aphids from the looks of them and under the leaves are little oblong yellow eggs(?)

Can I spray insecticidal soap on my bagged cuttings? These are cuttings I don't want to lose. I imagine defoliating the cuttings to get rid of the eggs would not be an option as it would leave a naked stick.

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I just discovered aphids on my rose cuttings in the pop bottle greenhouses.
What is with that? How do they even get there? arg. Should we worry?

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triple_b(BC 5b)

I bought a bottle of Safer's End-All (pyrithrins) and opened the bag and gave it a couple good sprays. Tonight I will look again and see if we have total annihilation or not (of the bugs, not the cuttings!)

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triple_b(BC 5b)

I checked yesterday. The roses cuttings are still standing and the bugs have been...totally...annihilated.

Mission Accomplished.

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