Ornamental Pepper Leaves Condition

saoodhashimNovember 15, 2013

I have been noting for a few days that some of the peppers on the only ornamental plant that I have are having some brown marks. I did not take much notice, though it kept on bothering me for all that time. Today morning during my routine inspection, I accidentally flipped one its leaves and found some brownish / reddish spots on the back of the leaves. I saw a few others and all had those spots. It turned out that all of the leaves had these. Upon close examination, I noted that some of the old leaves had these marks even on top of the leaves. The below picture will give help you in assessing the situation.

Notice the marks on the back sides of the leaves, the peppers and even the corners of the leaves.

I have addressed the bumpy leaves question in another thread and it turned out that it was either calcium deficiency which should go away with time as I fertilize with some calcium containing liquid fertilizer.

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scents_from_heaven(z9b Orlando FL)

It appears that you may have a bacterial infection since it is on both the leaves and peppers. There is no cure only prevention by using disease resistent plants and a systemic when planting. The disease can spread from plant to plant so if this is the cause you will need to eradicate the plant and watch any plants that have been near it,

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Looks like they've been hit hard by spider mites.

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The plant has been near a few tomato plants and another pepper plant in containers. The containers have been practically touching each other, for the past 1 month or so. I don't see any such "bacterial" signs on other plants.


It doesn't look like spider mites attack from the pictures available on the internet. They do not match with the condition of the leaves on this plant.

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