Influence of blackspot susceptible rootstock on budded plants?

5400janaJune 28, 2011

Please, can the blackspot prone rootstock have any negative influence on budded plants? I'm asking because in our country (the Czech Republic, Central Europe) is Rosa canina Pollmer the most recommended rootstock, but I'm quite negatively surprised that some blackspot occurs on it. Thanks for your kind advices. Jana

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Janna, there are so few instances documented that the actual genetic capabilities of a root stock had influence on the genetic capabilities of the budded rose, it's safe to say the resistance or lack of it, of the root stock has nothing to do with that of the budded rose. The only way you should see any influence would be if suckers were growing, providing breeding grounds for the fungus. In the vast majority of cases, there is no genetic transfer from the stock to the scion (budded rose), other than possible virus transfer. Kim

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