OGR Cuttings Exchange

chris209June 21, 2014

Hi everyone,
The spring flush is just wrapping up in my garden, and it's a great time to take cuttings. I would love to trade for some OGR cuttings or suckers. I'm especially interested in gallicas, damasks, and hybrid musks, but open to other things as well. Please see my trade list. If you like hybrid musks, I grow a fairly rare one called 'Daphne', which is not easily available.

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I am interested in Daphne but don't have anything to trade - yet. They are all too small.

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Please check my list to see if anything interest you.

However, I'll be away a good part of July so the trade would need to be maybe August or September.

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Hi, I would love to have a piece of your Daphne musk rose. I have only Dorothy Perkins now to share. My neighbor is digging hers up. Thanks!

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