Lilacs from seed?

colokid(5)August 10, 2012

Any one start lilacs from hard? Fall or spring?

I have a couple of lilac bushes along my lot edge and would like to make the whole thing a continuous hedge. I see some seeds there and I could save them. I need like 15 or 20 plant to fill in the spaces. Or more. I do have a little green house if that would help.


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I bought lilac bushes from the Soil Conservancy, and they've done pretty well. I'm constantly pulling up baby lilacs, so it happens.

But from what I know, most people just dig up some of the shoots around the base of an established plant and go with that.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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treebarb Z5 Denver

Kenny, if you want, I'll split my next order of 30 with you in the spring.


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Now I know I am getting old, Barb and David. I never once though of the soil conservation. All I thought of was the box (ugh) stores. Thanks.
I might still grab the seeds and put them in a large tray in the green house over winter for the fun of it. The house next door has a new owner who is completely rebuilding it and mentioned a drip line down the line between our drive ways. that would be great, it sure needs it.

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I have no idea if a cold spell is necessary for the seeds to germinate, but I can't see how it would hurt. I'd wait until they're tan and dry on the bush, then put a handful in a plastic bag and freeze them for a month, then try to germinate them.

This year, we had a beautiful display on all the lilacs, and they're now all going to seed. If anybody needs a few dozen pounds of lilac seed........

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