Why aren't my tomatoes turning red?!

Rosie025August 3, 2011

I have a TON of green tomatoes on my plants, but nothing has turned red yet. Should I be concerned? I'm guessing there is at least a month of good weather left, more if we are lucky. Is that enough time for them to ripen? Should I pick off the new flowers so the plant puts more energy into the green 'maters?

Please help! I really want some juicy homegrown tomatoes!!


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Well that's easy - the reason they haven't ripened yet is because you're being impatient! A watched pot never boils and a watched tomato never ripens.

Kidding aside, I wouldn't be concerned, and definitely wouldn't be picking off any new flowers. Plenty of time for those to make tomatoes, over two months worth of growing time left at least here in Denver.

A lot depends on variety, which is why I always plant some of the early ripening ones to get me through until the big ones are done.

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

The season is late, and we had a long stretch of 90F + degree days. I'm getting color turning now that it is cooler these past two days. And we have at least 6 weeks of no frost. Maybe more.


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Thank you for reassuring me! Patience is not one of my strengths!

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Are you sure you didn't plant "green grape?" LOl couldn't resist

Mine aren't mature yet either, don't worry.


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Like stated by others. Patience is the key. Nothing you can do really. I have tried some of the so called methods that many tout before I felt a frost was coming and haven't found anything that really works. And like stated you have plenty of season left. A good hybrid variety to plant for early fruit while waiting on the others is 4th of July. Seems to do well everywhere and sets well even in the heat. Jay

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Typically I've had to wait for everything but the cherry-type and small patio pot types till mid or late August. I do currently have a few bushsteaks ripening now, but cherokee and brandywine are a ways off yet. Huge maters on 'em tho. Dropped alot of buds in the 90+ heat, hope the past few days more have set and will stay.

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kristie73(z5 Co Springs)

Mine aren't ripening either and I'm wondering if they aren't completely in full sun. I do have a lot of green grape or roma tomatoes and a few Early Girls. Early Girl is usually plentiful and this year, it's not. I'm not sure what I did wrong.

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kvenkat(5a Colo)

My Sweet Baby Girl has been producing okay. The Black Krim and Bush Tom have just set a few fruits in the last couple days. Took forever to go from blossom to fruits. Now if they would get on with ripening. Mine get only morning sun so I might move them to where they can get more sun and see if that helps.

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

I'm in along with the rest of you - wait'n for the red! We do have some pear and cherry that have been ripening for a little while, but the big ones are still green. I trimmed back a few leaves on some plants to help get more sun on the fruit, though. Hoping that helps.

But I'll be more patient now, since I now know it's not just ours ;^)

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Lesuko(5, Boulder CO)

Questions about the 90+ temps and it's affect on tomatoes. I had read that with these temps tomatoes don't pollinate or drop flowers, which is why I haven't gotten any new flowering on some plants- cherries were doing fine.

But, I talked to a mid-western gardener and he said he didn't think that was the case because temps are always very high in Iowa but tomatoes do very well.

What am I not understanding?

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

I'm eating 'Brandy Boy' and 'Green Grape' now. Well, not now, but now. Tomato metabolism shuts down in the 90s F, depending on the variety and genetics/health.

Here at high altitudes, 90F temps are combined with strong sunlight, which in my view swamps the plant and triggers metabolism shutdown. I can't speak to why or whether toms in the Midwest continue to set fruit and ripen in the 90s. I do know here I get hardly anything for a time in July because of the heat. Now that it is not 90 every day, 'San Marzano' is coming on as well, lots of coloring.


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Here in Arvada my large tomatoes are still green as green can be. Plants are loaded and I'm ready for a BLT. I'm hoping they'll ripen soon. Have lots of ripe cherry tomatoes though. Those are doing beautifully.

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Mine are now starting to come in fairly heavily - going around picking a couple dozen every few days. I can see that this will go on for a few weeks, then its going to fall off quickly - I have no idea how the whole season will finish out. Hard to believe our first frost is usually 3 weeks away.

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Lots of 'maters ripening now (and loads more on the way), except will someone please tell me how to tell when my green tomatoes are ripe? I have two green varieties this year, Aunt Ruby's German Green and... Zebra Stripe, I believe. The zebras have had what I thought was the ripe coloring (flecks and patterns in the skins), but are still VERY firm. When I compare them to the lovely red marglobes in the next row (which started showing color at least a week after the patterns showed up on the zebras...), they are hard as little rocks...

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Still waiting for color on my tomatoes here in the very high desert of northeastern UT. I did get to pick two small red tomatoes from a plant in the greenhouse the other day.

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You pick a GWR by feel. When growing a new GWR variety I wait till it they have some give and are no longer firm. Just like other colors each variety will have a point where they taste the best. After picking a few and trying them at different points of ripeness you will determine where to pick each. Some tend to be better when softer. But I always start out trying a new GWR variety when it has give. You never want to wait till one gets to what I call the mushy point. Hard for me to explain. But after you have picked and ate a few you will be able to tell fairly easy. Most varieties will have some color change. A few don't have much at all. I have grown ARGG. It is a good GWR but doesn't usually do well here. Emerald Green is my favorite GWR. I lost most of my GWR's to the hail. I am growing Cherokee Green Pear. Jay

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Finally!! They are starting to turn red! More and more each day! :)
If the weather cooperates, I think I should have a ridiculous amount of tomatoes in the next 2 weeks! :)

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