Pale foliage and rust spots?

tomo6(9)November 14, 2012

So this is my Bhut Jolokia (i think only said 'hottest pepper in the world' on the seed packet, so i just assumed its a bhut jolokia.. if not, could someone let me know). Anyway, i started growing it this year in march, but it took a long time to germinate, and a long time to grow which is why its only yay high and not produced any pods. I had it in the greenhouse but brought it into the conservatory to over-winter about a month ago. im not sure when it started but ive noticed the foliage is paler then the rest of my plants, is that just because its young? it also has rust spots on the leaves, does anyone know what causes this? is there a way to prevent/fix it? im a first time grower, any thoughts or observations on how it looks would be apreciated.


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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Older leaves can develop spots just due to age, and you say this one is a full season old.

It does not appear chlorotic (yellowed), but it does not look happy. And it's very small. My first thought is that it is in poor soil and is over-watered.

One thing that bothers me is the foil-wrapped pot, reminiscent of drowned holiday poinsettias. Wet soil will kill part of the roots, restricting the ability of the plant to take up water making it appear to be under-watered -> a vicious cycle when a caring mother is factored in.

Get rid of the foil wrapping, put a plate under it to protect your woodwork, and let it dry out before next watering.

Second, how much light does it get? Peppers are high-energy plants that want as much sunlight as they can get. Four hours a day through a UV-filtered window might keep them alive, but barely.

More info, please.

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thanks for the response.

i live in the uk so its cold this time of year and we don't get alot of sun, but the position its in it should get the most of it when it comes out. ive only watered it twice since i brought it inside last month and only half a pint each time. i was planning on watering about once every 3 weeks over winter is that right?

As far as the soil goes its in all purpose potting compost i got from the store, there shouldnt be anything wrong with it - i should mention that i have 2 cayenne plants and an anaheim in the same place which produced plenty and look fine, apart from a tiny bit of rust.

i wrapped it up thinkin it might keep it warmer, was that not a good idea? do you think i should unpot it and have a look at the roots?


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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Then it might be under-watered. I wouldn't water on a timer. Water according to how wet the soil is. Moisture probes are cheap, or set an unfinished wooden dowel in the pot. If you pull it out and it's wet, the plant doesn't need water.

> "i wrapped it up thinking it might keep it warmer, was that not a good idea?"

No, not really. Plants don't produce heat like mammals so putting clothes on them is pointless. But other than trapping moisture, also harmless.

Yeah, it wouldn't hurt to de-pot and take a look. Compare to one of your producing peppers. Let us know what you find.

When it was outside, was it in the same pot?

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