Cuttings have roots, transplant question

Merlene(z8 WA)June 8, 2007

A month ago, I started cuttings in 60, 16-oz plastic cups filled with a mixture of potting soil and extra perlite. The cups are inside of clear tubs serving as mini-greenhouses. Now the roots are growing out of the holes in the cups of 50 containers. I think it is time to transplant them. My questions:

1) What type of potting soil should I use?

2) Should I go straight from the 16-oz cup to a 1 gallon pot?

3) Now that they have roots, when should I start fertilizing, and what should I use?

4) It is June now. Will the plants be big enough to plant outside this fall? Or should I plan on overwintering them in my greenhouse?

Thanks for your help!

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

1. I use a potting mix (no soil) to transplant - basically the same thing they rooted in, mixed w/ half pine bark compost.

2. Yeah, that's what I do.

3. After you transplant and they have a few days to adjust. You can use anything you want, but use it at one half or one quarter of the regular dose. I use a non-burning Schultz plant food that I can add a few drops of to every watering.

4. I don't know about your zone.


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Merlene(z8 WA)

Michelle--Thanks so much for your help. My sister recently moved, and we took cuttings of the 15 bushes she couldn't take with her. I want to give them the best chance to grow, and I appreciate your advice.

Have a good day!

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