unknown old rose?

beth7happyJune 23, 2012

In May we were visiting our son and DIL to greet our newest grandson in the Savannah area. (Thank you, he IS fantastic!) Over their back fence (6 ft stockade) were casecades of beautiful clusters of small pink roses - stems without thorns, it seems! The neighbor said, "Oh just take some stems and stick them into the ground. This was from something my mother got that survived Katrina in New Orleans!" Wow...that easy?? I'm a skeptic! So, brought home 9 little pieces and plunked them into drain-less clear cups in a mix of potting soil, and vermiculite...watered gently with aspirin water...placed in a make-shift plastic greenhouse like thing. This morning it seems that 5 of the 9 have a fair chance...one more a very weak 'maybe'. I moved them from the drainless cups to regular small clay pots with a drain hole. It's pretty humid here in Florida right now so I'm tossing the greenhouse thing. Any other suggestions??? (I DID actually see some roots during the change!) An I on the right track??

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Does this look like your rose? It sounds from what you've written, you're doing what you should be doing. Congratulations! Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Peggy Martin

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Thank you, Kim! I sure look similar, don't you think? Hoping that the cuttings will take...this is sure a show-stopper!!

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The rose that survived Hurricane Katrina is "Peggy Martin". I have two of them, and it is exactly as you describe. Cascades of pink flowers and almost no thorns. Your cuttings will root, because "Peggy Martin" is really easy to propagate. (It's one of my favorites!)

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thank you both for your responses. EXCITED about the prospects of having this beautiful plant. We're going to my son's again this weekend...I'm tempted to take even a few more cuttings. (Not that I want to be a piggie, but I REALLY want to have this rose!)

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I would get more just in case. It is lovely. Then maybe you could trade with Ernie who is looking for cuttings.

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