Is the hard part over ?

catholicokieJune 8, 2008

My friends,

On May 5 I took about 24 cuttings of a yellow shrub like rose from the front of an empty office buliding here in Wichita....well...after following the advice posted here about 99% of my cuttings have 6-8 in roots and new growth all over bed prep is done and I want to put them out but I have had my "little darlings" in a window sill under question is ...what is the best hardening off method..the last thing I want is to roast them ..also ....what spraying program (fungicide) is safe at this early stage...


God Bless

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Will you elaborate on what method you followed, since there seem to be many of them?

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I used 4-5 in tips, some with buds, some not...they are all in plastic 4 pack trays that I purchased some snapdragons in...I then put all the trays in a large clear plastic bag and spray misted them 4-6 times a day ...I took them out of the bag yesterday and have them growing in a southern/western exposed corner window ...
I am thinking of exposing them to a couple hours of direct sun daily for a week then half days then plant them ...I have given them a few doses of insceticidal soap..but I think a fungicide is probably in order...thank you all kindly for advice..

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dmaivn(NSW Aust)

Perhaps adding a hole on the plastic every day until the plastic is full of holes. You will know that the plants are hardened at the end.

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the hard part is over. the cuttings generally will root in 4 weeks with green and semi ripe cuttings, which is what you have done. they should be quite resilient now. I doubt you need any fungicide at this time of year. Roses thrive on full hot sun, but you're probably wise to build up gradually, or you risk "bleaching" them, especially at your latitude. Keep them out of the mid day sun for about a week, and observe the character of the leaves - like how deep green are they, are they producing lots of chlorophyll, how are they acclimatising to the sun, and they should be able to tell you when they are ready for more intense light. I think about a week should do it, then put a few out into full hot sun, and if they do fine, then put all the rest of 'em out. Sativa.

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