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ljpother(3a)June 10, 2010

I have a Harrison's Yellow that I have been transplanting sports/offshoots from for the last two years. Last spring I cut back the sports on advice received here. The transplants promptly sprouted making me wonder if I should have waited. This fall I planted another eight or so smaller plants and didn't cut them back. Most have only a few leaves at the base but two have leaves all along the cane. I'm coming to the conclusion it is best not to cut back and let the transplant decide how much growth it can support.

That gets us to this year. The parent plants have sports again. I'm thinking I should severe the roots going to these sports to encourage independent root growth. When is the best time to do this? The sports are currently about two feet high.

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You should put rooter pots on the sports.

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Do you mean 'suckers'? A sport is a spontaneous mutation that appears on one portion of a plant ... like a cane on a solid-colored rose that now makes striped roses, like Rosa Mundi.

With suckers, I do exactly what you're asking. I carefully dig around the sucker to locate the shoot that connects it to the parent plant. I cut the shoot close to the parent and leave it in place until the sucker can make enough roots to support itself. I can't tell you how many suckers I have lost by being impatient and digging them instead of cutting and waiting.


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