Just moved in, what should I plant now?

emg84010(5)August 26, 2013

We just moved into a nice new house and we have a decent backyard (and side yard). We have a healthy pumpkin patch and onion growing for the fall. But I wanted to plant something else before the Fall gets here and get ready for the Spring.

Any suggestions?

I'm thinking carrots and maybe lettuce for now, but what should I plant for the winter?

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treebarb Z5 Denver

Welcome emg! Are you new to Colorado or just moved to new digs?

We have 8 weeks or less of the growing season left, so if it's veggies your after, you should have time for lettuce and radishes. Without a cold frame or greenhouse, I can't think of much else you'll get a crop of before we see freezing temps. Hopefully Steve and Greg will chime in with some other choices. Maybe spinach and kale? You can plant garlic in a month or so.

You can start planting perennials and trees soon, but I think it's still a little warm yet.


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Probably still a few things can get planted. As mentioned lettuce, carrots, spinach, garlic and kale. Still time for beets, radishes and for some greens (mustards, bok choy, mizuna etc.). Possibly peas but the window is about done.

Maybe you can do some cover crops - buckwheat, alfalfa, rye, clover, field peas, vetch

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