need advice on trimming sad old roses in florida

Adrift-in-beauty(9b)June 19, 2014

I've lived in my house five years and the queen Elizabeths were kinda old and sad when i moved in . There were four now there's only two and they look pretty bad . Because I live in florida they grow pretty much all year long and never stop blooming. How much should i trimm back and should i give a really good feeding before or after. The trimming.

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It's very defoliated due to consant black spot issue's it's such a magnet for black spot.

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I'm no expert but I would be tempted to cut it way back to maybe 24". I have no idea what time of year to do that in your zone. Maybe check with a local nursery?

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You'd probably get more responses posting in the main rose forum or the antique rose forum. I'd say that unless you plan to spray to prevent blackspot, these roses are never going to do much better. Why not replace them with a variety better suited to your climate?

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Shorty_CA(10B CA)

I'm not an expert however I live in So. CA, Zone 10B. Our roses also grow most of the year.

I prune my roses in late December or early January.

Black spot can't be cured however you can minimize it's effect. If you don't mind chemicals, Bayer Advanced for roses has helped me fight the black spot problem.

If your roses are blooming, I'd recommend waiting until December to prune them back. If they aren't blooming I'd prune them severely to about 18 to 24 inches above ground.

If all you are left with is canes after pruning, you can jump start leaf production with one application of 10-10-10 general flower liquid or granular fertilizer. After that, I would use any liquid or granular fertilizer specifically for roses.

There are a few systemic products for roses like Bayer Advanced that include fertilizer.

Good luck

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I have sprayed ,drenched ,poured ,and skaken every product know to man and these things are magnets for b/s. They bloom constantly so i will go for it and give em a good pruning(i would tear em out but they were here when i bought the house and are pretty much what got me started with roses )

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