Need immediate help.advice on rose cuttings!

RoseWolfie(9b central florida)June 25, 2012

So I have a long story to the reason I got these cuttings, but short version is they are important to me and are extremely beautiful.

I've always tried and failed at doing cuttings. I finally went out and bought rooting hormone and it worked apparently. Its been a couple or more weeks, the stems lost all their leaves, but are still vibrant green. I picked one up to check if it needed watering and to see for new growth. Now heres the problem. We are in the middle of a tropical storm in Florida. it has soaked everything, but nothing serious. I planted these in jiffy peat pots. So when I picked it up, it crumbled into a pile of dirt on the floor. I found out I had roots on my cuttings, but now I have to transplant them and fast!

What do I do? I got a pot and gardening soil. Should I just plant it with as much gathered dirt from the broken peat pot and put it in, or should I ignore that and just slowly cover the roots with soil? Should the soil be moist or not first? Do I water it and do you recommend warm water or cold after planting? Any other tips to save this accident?

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claferg zone 9a Fl

I would try and keep the root ball as intact as possible and re-pot the rose in a regular container, adding soil carefully around the fragile roots. If you still have parts of the peat pot surrounding the roots, I would just leave it as is and not try to remove the peat pot from around the roots, the peat pot will deteriorate after time. I would also keep the rose out of full sun for awhile, in case some of the new roots sustained any damage. Good luck.

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