Yellow lilies blooming now?

coloradobirdAugust 9, 2008

You know those tall gangly orange lilies (I've heard them called alley lilies)? Anyway, the shorter daylilies have stopped blooming now and I see these orange types around town. Today, I saw some that looked like the same species, but were a lovely pale yellow on much shorter stalks. The flowers were not overly small, but not as large as the daylilies I've seen. I've tried to search and find out what they are, but can't find them.

Anybody have an idea what those tall weedy lilies are called?


P.S. My Asian lilies are flowering now, and they are SO gorgeous!

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After researching a bit more, I don't think these are what some people call ditch lilies (not alley!), as they were in a lovely planting with a bunch of other perennials and ditch lilies are semi-invasive, I guess, so it's unlikely they would've been interplanted with the other perennials like that. They must've been something else.

Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Are they true lilies---one stem with a bunch of flowers on top (rather than like daylilies with a lot of basal foliage and multiple stems)? If so they could possibly be yellow tiger lilies.


Here is a link that might be useful: Yellow Tiger Lilies

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Well, I'm not sure because I was driving past! If tiger lilies are blooming now, that could be what they were. I'll have to try to get a closer look next time I'm passing by (and hope I get a red light!--not what I usually hope for!).

Thanks for your response!

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If your interested in buying some very exotic day lilies, yellow or otherwise....the day lily society is having their sale tomorrow,Aug 16 & 17 at Tagawa Gardens, from 10am - 4pm. As I recall you get 2 fans for $2.50. In addition, Tagawa has a half off sale starting the same day.

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