Espalier Fruit Trees in Colorado

xmcginnessAugust 4, 2005

Hi all -

Has anyone experimented with Espalier in Colorado. I am considering playing with the technique to grow a few fruit trees against the brick exterior on a sheltered north side of the brick wall against our home.

Anyone, care to way in with experience or suggestions for just the right type of tree for our climate here in Denver would be most welcome.

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irisgirl(Z5 - CO)

We are thinking about the same thing! We want to espalier a dwarf stock 5-in-1 or 3-in-1 apple tree on the east side of our garage.

Have you checked w/ the folks at The Tree Farm on Hwy 52 west of I-25. Their people are very knowledgeable. And it is nice drive out of the city.

Have you checked w/ the Denver Botanic Gardens?

Here is a link that might be useful: The Tree Farm

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Hi there Irisgirl! Fantastic! We can compare notes as we go for it. I havne't checked out the Tree Farm but definately will! Thanks for the recomendation. From everything I've read apple would be the easiest for an Espalier first attempt. And the locale I'm looking at should be well suited.

I'm thinking of working with some copper tubing for the frame. I'll have to experiment with the guage.

When are you looking to begin? I was thinking of starting in September.

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nancy_in_co(z5 CO)

I haven't done it but I have a friend that has a fabulous 20 ft espalier apple tree here in Colorado Springs. It is on an east facing wall. And she gets fruit every year.

Good luck.

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Hey Nancy -

Thanks for the encouragement! Do you know what kind of fruit tree that they have down in the Springs? It sounds amazing!

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timothynelson53(z5 CO)

I have similar interests, and finally got my plan in gear this year. I ordered 1-year 'whips' from Henry Leuthardts Nursery in New York, by mail order. Tried a variety of fruit trees after adjusting order to deal with fact that some trees are self-pollinating, others need a 'buddy' to cross-pollinate. The Leuthardt folks are reasonably priced ($11/tree for whips, as I recall) and good at answering questions.

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