Edlyn12June 12, 2013

I have a question about the Rose 'Iceberg'.Is this rose a triploid? If it is will it produce seed? If it isn't able to produce seed will it produce seed if I cross pollinate it? Please answer all questions.Thank You

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I mean will it produce viable seeds if its a triploid?If I cross pollinate it will it produce viable seed? I need this because I will be reproducing roses from seed and /or hybridising the.Thanks.

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Edlyn, per Help Me Find - Roses, yes, Iceberg is a triploid. "Ploidy" does not necessary regulate whether a rose is fertile as either pollen or seed parent. Ralph Moore created a number of triploid roses which are extremely fertile. My rose, Lynnie, is bred from one of Mr. Moore's triploids and is triploid itself. Lynnie is INCREDIBLY fertile.

Iceberg has other issues creating viable seed. Its ability to even set seed seems to be highly climate variable. Here in Southern California, Iceberg heavily sets hips containing very few seed each in the cooler, damper coastal climates. In the inland heat, where I live, you seldom see hips on Iceberg. It just doesn't set them well where it's hot and dry. I have attempted using Iceberg's pollen in a number of crosses and none of the resulting seedlings have proven to be of much value. I have also tried using it as seed parent, with total failure.

IF your climate and conditions are more conducive to Iceberg wanting to get pregnant, you may be able to raise some seedlings from it. Whether they will be of any value or not, remains to be seen. More often than not, they aren't.

You may benefit from purchasing a Premium Membership on Help Me Find. It costs only $24 a year and it permits you to research the lineage of any rose listed in the database, for which there is information. You can browse to see if the rose has been successfully used for seed, pollen or both and what any commercial results have been. If ploidy information is known, it will also be listed there. Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Iceberg on Help Me Find - Roses

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