Praying mantises just hatching

gattboyAugust 14, 2011 the very unhelpful time of mid august, even though that egg sac has been sitting in the greenhouse for months

any ideas on how to help them mature faster and maybe some eggs successfully overwinter? Even though they are just babies right now... not sure how many weeks of frost-free we have left in central OR

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

If they have food, they grow incredibly fast. I have some eggs INSIDE my house that have failed to hatch. But in early early summer, I found quite large outdoor hatched specimens. I was shocked at how large these were, considering how early in the season it was.

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Just last week I found a PM egg sac secured between the blocks on my retaining wall!

I haven't been able to see any adults, but they must be reproducing! Are you sure the little ones you found aren't the next generation?

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Bob, that was my first thought too, second hatch for the year. Some of the mantises (manti?) around our place are 3" - 4" long. What do the egg sacks look like. Never really paid attention and looked for them.


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They kinda look like an oblong dried up tan cotton ball. Google has great pics.

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Last week, there was a preying mantis perched on the outside handle of the door to my downtown Denver office building. Go figure!

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