quake in Colorado!

mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)August 23, 2011

Just heard on the news about the quake that hit Southern Colorado - anyone on RMG feel it?! Hope no one had any damage if you live in that area!!

Kind of makes me nervous since we moved here from Calif - hope they aren't following us!! ;^)


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

They've been happening all day, Misty. Since sometime around midnite last nite, with the most recent just a couple hours ago. Trinidad has been rockin' and rollin' all day! Biggest was 5.3, then there was a 4.6, six in the 3 range, and six more in the two range, for a total of 14 so far! USGS has a really good earthquake site!

Earthquakes are the freakiest things you can experience---IMO! I remember the ones from back in the 60's here in Denver--and they were pretty small! When I was based in San Fran and living there half the time, I always worried about them--but was lucky enough to never have one when I was there! But every time I had to drive over the San Mateo Bridge to get to Oakland I was expecting it to "disappear" from under me into the bay!!! Did I mention that I don't like earthquakes!

Somebody on the National news tonite was explaining something I thought was pretty interesting! They were talking about the quake(s) they had in Virginia today, and apparently the folks on the West Coast were kind of making fun of the "little" quake Virginia had, and this guy explained that quakes on the west and east coasts are very different! On the west coast the earthquakes just move a "part of the fault" that they're located on, but in the east earthquakes move the entire plate they're located on, so they have much more impact and can be felt much further away! Don't know anymore about it! Like all news nowadays, it was a very short "sound bite" type of story! Maybe Dan The Weatherman, or some other Earthquake Aficionado can tell us more about it!

Also interesting that the earthquake they had back east was almost as big as the strongest the nuclear plant just north of NYC was built to withstand! Plan ahead, guys, plan ahead! Also interesting! If NYC were ever to get a (not very) big earthquake--no "swingin' and swayin'!" The walls will come tumbling down! Don't expect to see any of the tall buildings Blowin' in the Wind in an earthquake! They're not at all built "for" earthquakes! But, I'm sure it's never gonna happen there! I'm sure......

As for me, I will be very happy if I never, ever have to experience another earthquake--of ANY size!

Misty, if you brought them with you, we're gonna send you back to CA to take them home!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

USGS link!

Here is a link that might be useful: 37 degrees north, 105 degrees west!

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