day lilies after hail

steviewonder(4)August 20, 2014

Hello folks, I live in Berthoud and my yard and garden were completely pulverized by hail last month. The day lilies were just blooming, and they were stripped clean. They are looking pretty sad right now. Any advice regarding fertilizing? I would like to give them a boost before winter but I know you are not supposed to fertilize a stressed plant. Should I wait until next year to fertilize them? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi Stevie,

Just off the top of my head - they are not suffering root damage. They are not suffering from disease or drought. They are still several weeks from frost, right?

I don't think you should hesitate to feed them.

It reminds me of the times Benjamin Bunny has stripped every leaf from the broccoli. I have still had a good crop after fertilizing and hilling around the plants.


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Seems to me that fertilizer would do them some good if it's not to intense. I like to think of fertilizer as vitamins for plants. And I take my vitamins everyday!

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Thanks guys, we'll see how it works out. Poor things.

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