Will my peppers survive?

goldenecho(Z8 (Waco TX))November 10, 2011

It's going to dip down to 40 degrees at night this week. I have Cheyenne Peppers and a bell-like pepper (lost the tag) with fruit growing on it. Will they survive? Suggestions?

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I would say yes. I had pepper plants growing strong AFTER they had some frost damage from low 30 degree temps. But I would cover them if possible. If they are containers, then bring them in for the night.

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I would cover them to be safe like essox said. Temps that cold will not kill but they will stunt growth for a while. But what do i know I live in Florida:)

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plants will live through temps down into the upper 20's provided it warms back up quickly in the a.m. and only hits that temp for a short bit at the coldest point of night... often the tops of the plants will get wasted and the lower leaves and fruit will survive...

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