Waaay too hot

lilacs_of_mayAugust 1, 2008

Way, way, WAY too hot. How's everyone's gardens doing in this oppressive heat? All of my tomatoes are wilting, even the ones that had previously seemed wilt proof. The zucchinis seem to like it, though. They wilt in the heat of the day, but when they're watered or the temp goes down they perk back up again. On two plants, I have five zucchinis forming, from tiny flower bud up to almost ready.

I'm wilting, though. I have no air conditioning, and nothing seems to help me get through the heat. And unfortunately, my computer system is in the hottest room in the house, as it turns out. I may transfer some stuff to my laptop and work down in the den. It's half below ground, and it's "merely" 80 degrees.

We're breaking heat records that were set back in the Dust Bowl era.

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meteor04(5-Northglenn CO.)

You dont have any sort of AC lilac? OY! We'd be dying here without our swamp cooler (and I have the computer in the fully below ground basement).

My garden looks really sad, but, the scallop squash is still produceing, the toms are ripeing, but the toms are a bit on the small side.

My spaghetti squash is officially a bust. 3 of the plants are dead (I pulled them today), and the last one isn't far behind.

I guess the good news is I now have LOTS of room for fall planting...That is if this heatwave ever ends. My desktop weather hit 102 today...Made for a long walk to the bus stop.

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david52 Zone 6

Here, its a balmy 94.

In 2002, the year of the worst forest fires here and the 'exceptional', when they invented the word, drought it used to be 98º until 8 or 9 at night, over 100 in the day. My lilac bushes, trees, and everything else, wilted, every day.

So, I feel your pain.

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jnfr(z5b CO)

We love our swamp cooler during these hot days!

Things in the garden are doing fine, but I have to be very careful with watering this time of year or I start losing stuff.

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Both my furnace and my air conditioner went out last March, and I can't afford to fix them until I get a job and enough money to do it.

I was going to plant some things for a fall garden -- carrots, lettuce, broccoli -- but by the time this heat wave ends, we'll be into first frost.

I'm going to a convention in downtown Denver next week, and someone offered to share their room with me. Five days of air conditioning! It'll be heaven. And it's supposed to rain during that time, too, so hopefully my plants will be okay by the time I get back. I have to wonder how many zucchinis and tomatoes I'll have waiting for me.

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jnfr(z5b CO)

That does sound like heaven.

I find that fall crops of lettuces, chard, spinach, radishes and the like - quick cool-weather crops - do really well with a fall planting here.

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