Callous on cuttings?

namiJune 17, 2007

I snipped some cuttings on some of my roses such as - Spice, Mrs. B. R. Cant and Mlle Franziska Krueger. I put the cuttings in water on my kitchen window sill - no direct sunshine but bright light.

In about 3 days the cuttings developed a blackened and hardened portion at the end(where i snipped them from the bush) and where the lowest leaf sets were. The top sets of leaves are green.

Is this a callous?

Now should I transfer the cuttings to potting medium ?



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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

Sounds like a callous to me. I've never gotten anything like that on cuttings in water.

I would transfer asap to potting mix. Good luck.

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rosyone(z8 north Louisiana)

Doesn't sound like it to me. Callus appears as a lumpy white swelling.

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Doesn't sound like a callous to me either. A callous is usually a white group of swellings.

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and this would be when to pot it up??

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I look for white callous that sort of curls around the end of the stem. That will take several weeks sometimes, depending on the rose. Some callous sooner than others.

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drasaid(zone 8)

I find the best bet is to keep the cuttings in a bag until callous develops THEN stick them in the dirt (and cover with a jar.) Callous keeps the black rot (which is what I fear you have) from developing. I have had stuff root after rotting some, but it does NOT HELP I am sure.

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I read somewhere that if you root rose cuttings at a very high temperature (+70-80 degrees) that they would have a tendency to develop a callus instead of rooting. Don't hold me to it, because I got this off the internet and don't know myself if it's true or not.

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The callus is the first stage of rooting.Then the roots form. What is happening with these cuttings is rotting.

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Rotting is what I was thinking too..if my cuttings start to turn black on the ends, I pitch them, and try some more.

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