i have these rooted cuttings to trade

donnaz5(Z5 NY)June 16, 2007

i am looking for rose trades only, please don't offer me perennials, etc., in trade. i would like to trade rooted rose for rooted rose, but will consider cuttings if it is something that i really want.

i will consider most roses that i don't have, but do not want any species, once bloomers, or roses without names.

unless otherwise indicated, these are all at least 10" tall, very well rooted, and healthy.i can post pics if you're wanting them.

i am especially looking for austins that i don't have,stripes, as well as , clio, orange van gogh,tabris,j.h. piernieff,grimaldi,chuckles,gypsy lantern,founder's dream, to name a few.

these are what i have....

clotilde soupert


jude the obscure

margo koster, (2)

jaune desprez

la biche

winchester cathedral


l.d. braithwaite



glamis castle

archduke charles (3)

shot silk (2)

la ville de bruxelles (3)..6-8" tall, well rooted

seven sisters (2) 6-8" well rooted

zephrine drouign 6-8", well rooted

bengal tiger

strike it rich

*** last 2 i bought and there were more than 1 in the pot, i didn't root these myself.

you can e-mail me privately or post here, either way, i'll get it. thanks, donna

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Did you get the email?

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donnaz5(Z5 NY)

turner..i didn't get an e-mail from you..i e-mailed you off board, hope you get it..gw has a problem with their e-mail sometimes..i find that if you copy and paste it, then send it from your own mailbox, you have better luck..thanks, donna

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suzysparklesalot(Z5 Upper Michig)

I am new to roses and I think I like it :)
I just bought 3 rose bushes and i would love to trade cuttings if you need these. These would not be rooted and you might have to tell me how to do it, lol.
I have rosa "chuckles", seven sisters and knock out "blushing". I am in zone 4-5.

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Sent you an email.

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michelle_co(z5 CO)


I sent you an email last week and still have Harison's Yellow suckers for trade.


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suzysparklesalot(Z5 Upper Michig)

Hi Donna,
I am still interested in the trade. I now have about 25 or so roses, (Hopelessly addicted), I know you were going to send me an email but i did not get it. Maybe you can just post here.
I will try to update my have list.

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donnaz5(Z5 NY)

for some reason, i have had alot of trouble receiving e-mails from people on gw...i have completed trades with people that did manage to get through to me...i may have more for fall cuttings...thank you..donna

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suzysparklesalot(Z5 Upper Michig)

O.K. Donna,
Just let me know.

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pacnwgrdngirl(z8 WA)

Hi Donna, I have only rooted cuttings of Blaze, but I have many other good roses in my collection if you are interested in cuttings. Let me know if you have anything left. Check out my rose list on 'my page' to see if you would like any cuttings.
Adrienne (Going out of town tomorrow for Labor Day weekend, will be back next week)

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