ideas on seed collecting

kuvaszlvrNovember 17, 2011

I'd like to bounce an idea off of you guys. This year I had grand plans for seed collecting. I grow 70+ varieties that I sell at the local herb festivals, and with only 3 acres I don't have a lot of room for physical separation. I first tried gluing flowers shut, minor success, I tried bagging, more success but still not great. I was thinking next year I would buy some of those tornado shaped tomato cages cover them in cheesecloth and when the plant starts to flower cover the entire plant with the structure until the flowers drop. But, I started to wonder if that would hurt the plant by blocking the sun. Do you guys think it would work? If not, any better ideas on successful seed collecting? I'd much prefer to collect as many seeds as I can vs purchasing.

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As opposed to cheesecloth I think a cheaper, lighter and more breathable solution would be wrapping the plants with floating row cover material .

I used it this past year on cabbage with in ill effect. The stuff I bought, see link below, also seems tight enough to block most blowing pollen from other plants. I was thinking about using it around some pepper plants next year myself.

Just a thought.

Here is a link that might be useful: floating row cover

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AHHH!! Thanks for the idea! I can't believe I never thought of row covers, it's a lot cheaper than cheesecloth too! Great idea! Thanks! and thanks for the link!

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Your welcome.

BTW, in my post "with in ill effect" should have read "without ill effect".

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