Cross pollinating question, can you save the pollen?

gr8heather(6b)June 2, 2014

I want to cross pollinate some roses this year, for this fall's seeds. If I collect the pollen off of one rose, can I save it for a few days/weeks until another blooms? How? Can I refrigerate/freeze it?

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Dry the pollen thoroughly (at least 24 hours in a warm-ish, dry place, ideally on a square of aluminum foil, which can be folded for storage) then place it in a container (glass jar w/lid, or ziploc bag) then place it in the freezer. Pollen stored this way can remain viable for a year, if necessary. Allow it at least an hour to come up to room temperature before opening the container used to store in the freezer.

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The reason Trospero suggested allowing the foil to warm to room temperatures before opening is to prevent it from forming water and spoiling the pollen. Once pollen gets wet, it's virtually impossible to use. Not that it may not be viable, but how do you properly spread it when it becomes paste? You want it to remain dry until it is applied.

And, if your weather or house are rather humid, you may need to dry it two or three days until you can see pollen dust releasing from the anthers. We've had a few periods of humidity this spring and anthers required noticeably longer to release pollen during those periods. Good luck! Kim

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disneynut1977(5b, Sunset zone 42)

Thank you for starting thread. I was also wondering about this.

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Thanks! I've begun using your ideas. :)

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