Austrian briar (r. lutea) propagation?

sunslight(Utah z5-6)June 6, 2010

I have the pure yellow, as well as the bi-color r. foetida.

They are growing together in a tangled thicket, some 25' long and 12' wide.

I need information on how to propagate these, especially the yellow ones.

Right now, they are blooming; so, I can tell which are the yellow and which are the bi-color. The flowers will be gone in probably two weeks, leaving a developing hip in their place.

My wife has ordered me to kill the entire "useless, brier patch." But I want to sneakily save a few plants. I need help in the propagation techniques -- how to.

I've successfully propagated flowers by stem cuttings and also leaf cuttings. I tried the former with these a few years ago, but without success.

I can't get to where the plants comes out of the ground to dig suckers--I'd have to fight my way through very dense briers. I need your advise. (It seems like a shame to kill these plants--they've been here at least 50 years.)

--maybe I didn't do the stem cuttings correctly? I wasn't sure how to do it with the flowers all being in a line on a cane. The leaf nodes are about 1" apart. The flowers appear ever 2" or so. The canes are unbranched.



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how are you going to kill the patch without being able to get at the roots? Perhaps you should prune the whole thing, then you should be able to get at the roots to dig a few and kill the others. Or prune all the bits you want to kill.

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sunslight(Utah z5-6)

I'm supposed to hit it with round-up brush killer. Then dig it all out when dead.

Pruning is a good idea. That may give me another season, with small plants. When they bloom, I can separate the pure yellow ones from the red/yellow ones.

Right now though, I could really use help on propagation.

Some flowers are still on the plants and I can find the yellow ones. However, they are so tangled with the bronze (red/yellow)ones that I can't trace the canes of the r. lutea back to its roots.

Any suggestions on what kind of to take and how to get cuttings going right now?


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