Morning Glory Vine

aloha2009August 2, 2011

My vine has lots of leaves but not even a bud yet. Has anyone's vine started blooming yet or am I just to anxious. It's been several years since I planted one, so I'm just hoping I've forgotten when they start blooming, and that I haven't missed it for this year.

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

My vines were late to start growing this year, and so I still do not have any flowers yet either. Last year the plants had been much larger and were flowering for awhile by this time. Hoping they will start budding soon! The vines and leaves look very healthy.

I may move mine, or start new ones, in another spot for next year. The late afternoon sun really wilts them where they are now. They recover nicely by evening, but think it takes a bit out of them and many of the leaves burned last year (the first time I grew them). I had harvested seeds, but I had problems getting any of the seeds I started this year to take off. I did get a couple of the Morning Glories going and planted them at the same spot they grew last year, but I think a lot of what is there now is what came up from their self-seeding rather than the ones I started - they are coming up all over the place, even though I harvested quite a lot of the seed!

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Dan Staley

Everything is late this year due to the weather, not just morning glory.


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cnetter(z5 Co)

It depends on the variety. Ipomoea purpurea is usually the first one to bloom and mine are blooming now. They did get set back from the bad hail I had earlier. Ipomoea tricolor such as Heavenly Blue start blooming later. Mine aren't blooming yet and usually haven't by now. Ipomoea nil, or Japanese morning glory bloom the latest for me.

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Thanks for all the feedback.

Mstywoods, I too was going to try and collect the seeds for next year whenever it gets around to blooming. Sounds like it may happen on it's own anyway.

Cnetter, I thought there was only the one basic blue morning glory. I'm going to look around and see if the seed packet is still laying around somewhere to see exactly what I planted.

Dan, with the plant growing like crazy, I thought it would have done something. My yard is like starting from scratch, so I didn't have anything else in the yard to compare if it was doing well or not.

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Dan Staley

Many of the MGs in packets in the BigBox are hybrid - check package for 'old fashioned' or some such wording. If none, seeds likely won't come true.

I have a purpurea that seems ~week away from popping, a white that won't do much this year (critters).


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sorie6(6b ok.)

I have morning glories blooming. Also had tons of them coming up. They reseed every yr. I don't have a clue the name. One is pink. the other is purple. I've never had any trouble getting them to reseed. I pull them out by the hundreds.
Aloha if you want some plants I've got lots. call me.

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

I have a few blooms on my vine now!

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Mine are blooming, i have a pretty magenta colored, dont know the name.

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Here it is 2 weeks later and still no blooms! It's growing about a foot a day so I at least have a full looking vine. I never did anything special with my MG vines in the past and haven't this time. I'll let everyone know when I see the first bloom...if it ever comes before the first freeze.

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Yeah, I finally got my first bloom yesterday. This morning there were several more and during the day yet more. It's bigger then any morning glory I've ever had but took "forever" to bloom. I've heard this year has many things blooming later then normal, but some of you had blooms quite some time ago.

It looks beautiful enough that I'm going to plant it in a few other areas next year.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

Mine have been blooming for a few weeks, but they are protected and prolly in a micro climate zone 6!!

These are volunteers. I haven't purposely planted MG in years, but they return and return...

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So most of Sept & Oct my MG was full of flowers. Next year, we're going to plant it outside a little earlier and also provide more supports. It was so HUGE it was hard to contain and I started it all from 3 seeds. We're also going to put it on the street light outside too. I love this vine but it sure does take a long time to start blooming!

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