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ramblinrosez7b(JerseyShore)June 14, 2006

Has anyone made any interesting crosses this season? I got an early start this year and have about 100 crosses done so far and I only have about 2 weeks left to go.

Some of my crosses are:

Heirloom X Midas Touch

Bronze Star X Angel Face

Heirloom X Bronze Star

Angel Face X Scentimental

Scentimental X Heirloom

Gemini X Scentimental

Peace X Easy Going

Brigadoon X Elle

Elle X Heirloom

Loves Magic X Peace

Dolly Parton X Easy Going

That is just a few, I have many more. Its alot of fun doing these, I hope they come through the four months ok.

Has anyone had any luck with some of the ones I posted? I would be interested in knowing if indeed they do take. Thanks

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jont1(Midwest 5b/6a)

Those look like crosses I would make. I just cross whatever tickles my fancy at the time.
Good luck with them, and have fun doing it.

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Thanks Jon for your response. More than likely I will end up with about half of the crosses I made but for me, an amateur rose breeder, its fine. I have alot of fun doing it.

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Hello guys, I am new to roses. And I have just come across a very good deal on about 20 different rose bushes. And I was just wondering, what do u all mean about the crosses? Are u talking about grafting. I am new to roses, but not new to grafting and propagating. I have misting system set up. And I really would like to start propagating and grafting roses. Thank you all in advance for all your help.

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